Health & Wellness Dashboard

A cloud based platform that brings all of your data and healthcare engagement together in one easy to use interface.


Patient Data Control

Take control of all your medical data with our patient data bank tool. This tool utilizes many platforms to gather all of your patient data and display it in one place.

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Access Your Patient Portals

This is where you will find detailed information about your health and well being. This includes your demographics, medical, mental health and social data as well as links to all of your patient portals.

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View your stats gathered from all of your data.

Get a snapshot of your heath and well being here. This is information that will help you understand your progress and keep you on track. You can even compare your data to other people like you.

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Educate Yourself About Your Health & Well Being

With education tools you can access educational resources that are relevant to you based on your Next Level data. Find suggestions here in the form of links, videos, downloads and more.

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All of your forms in one place

Fill out forms once and store them here. From assigning a health care proxy to xyz, we believe you should only have to fill out forms once. Forms go where you go.

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HIPAA Safe communications with your doctors.

With our state of the art HIPAA compliant communication tools, you can safely have video visits, email and text messaging with your healthcare and other professionals who you are working with to improve your health and well being.

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Remotely to upload your vitals and more.

Connect your gadgets and mobile apps here. Vital information, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight is encrypted and securely transmitted for later review by you and your healthcare professionals.

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Your Prescriptions Online.

Our ePrescription tools allow you to electronically transmit a new prescription or renewal authorization to a community or mail-order pharmacy.

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Your Referrals Online.

Control the entire referral process with referrals tool. Manage your referrals, view referral information, verify insurance coverage, check-in and schedule appointments.

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Community Resources

An interactive tool that helps you locate programs and services in your community to provide extra support to reach your health and wellness goals

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Who will use the NextLevel.Healthcare Dashboard?

People Like You!

The NextLevel.Healthcare Dashboard is first and foremost about you and your over all health and well being. Our dashboard gives you a better, cleaner and more effective way to interact with all of your data and online activity in order to improve, prevent and enhance the way you can access your data and make informed decisions about your life and lifestyle.

Your Family

Once you have all of the family members entered into our system, you will be able to do the same thing for your loved ones that you are doing for yourself. Children, parents and others can be accessed and accessed by you and other caregivers.

Your Community

In order to pull this all together, we have included your community in our dashboard. You will be able to choose what type of information can be shared with your community and it's leaders. They can then use this valuable information to help them understand what the needs of the community members are and make better more informed decisions for everyone.

Healthcare Professionals

Deepen your relationship with your local healthcare system. They are already doing a good job with your medical records, but now they can access much more from the data that you decide to share with them. Armed with the most current demographic, mental health and other data that is not currently part of your medical record, they can get to know you on a level that has never been possible.

Software Developers

There are already lots of great software applications and mobile apps being created for healthcare today. The problem is, they are not all communicating and sharing data in a way that makes sense for you as the end user. By inviting software developers into our community, they will benefit you and give you a better overall experience.


There are many others who will be getting involved to create further benefits for users of the NextLevel.Healthcare Dashboard. Insurance Carriers, Biotech & Pharma, healthcare providers and other businesses will be coming on board soon. We will never share your data without your permission.

About NextLevel.Healthcare

Our Parent Company and Founder

NextLevel.Healthcare was founded by Bill Cole who owns and operates Tiger Web Designs in East Longmeadow MA. After many years of creating top notch web applications for the medical profession, Bill came up with the idea to give people what they really want. An easy and more effective way to control and utilize data and digital tools to improve their over all health and well being. By patients for patients.

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